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The Ace [Digital Painting]

April 12, 2011



About the painting Figher pilots always were the cocky, proud ones, and it would be logical they always will be that kind of people that looks danger in the eye and laughs at it. I was impressed by stories of some WWII fighter pilots I saw on History, and made a dedication The vintage feel(or […]

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Poodl – Ever-increasing Criminal

April 10, 2011



After several million years, Poodl is back, and he’s already mugged. Poor thing, can’t even take a dive without getting in trouble. I won’t bore you with technicalities, I’ll just say it’s painted in MyPaint and it was really fun 🙂 It’s nice to relax a little and paint something different and less serious.

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A flower…I get it now…

April 9, 2011



I’ve made this for a weekly/bi-weekly Sketch Wars challenge by the #theLuminarium group on Deviant Art, in my dedication to join them as an artist someday when my skills grow. I quite like what I made 🙂 Description Silly humans obsess about the smallest and most fragile of things…A simple flower…just now I get it. […]

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