More sketches!

Posted on October 29, 2009


I’ve been a little busy with drawing these days. I bought some traditional drawing tools I haven’t touched in years, and I spend time trying to get re-aquainted with them. Not a big deal, I just bought a drawing pen/stylos and several watercolor pencils(since all art stores in the city are out of 24 pencils packs). Since way back, I’ve been inking my drawings with liners, cd-markers and similar sloppy-free tools, and drawing with a stylos is pretty different. Sometimes it is really hard, I feel like I’m back in art school, making my first steps in drawing and painting. I actualy really don’t know how to paint, and never painted seriously. Watercolor pencils are a good way to start, I guess. Go, Zile, go!

Here are two drawings I made yesterday, I really like sharing this stuff. In the first one, main character is Baby Poodle, and on the second one it’s already galacticaly famous Angry Little Chicken wielding a chicken-size halberd 🙂 Leave a comment if you like this 🙂

Poodl hates pet food

Poodl hates pet food

Halberd-wielding Chicken

Halberd-wielding Chicken, the mega-awesome destroyer