Cooking the Serbian way, u pičku materinu!

Posted on November 21, 2009


Recently, I’ve been very much hilariously entertained by a video-blogger Danny G. that calls his show “The Gradual Report”, especially by “lessons on Serbian”. I think 90% of all Serbs with a sense of humor have seen it and laughed their asses off. After watching the latest “Serbian Lesson” I’ve been inspired to make an illustration as a gift to Danny, and the whole Gradual Report community that is quickly growing in numbers here in Serbia, and surrounding almost-the-same-language countries.

Cooking the Serbian way, u pichku materinu

Cooking the Serbian way, u pichku materinu

I’m not a painter, I suck at painting and don’t own a tablet/too lazy for mouse painting. If someone wants to paint this, please let me know so I can send you the 300dpi version.

Cheerz, u pichku materinu!

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