Cutest baby vector for sale

Posted on April 8, 2010


cutest little baby vector

It’s been a while since I posted…lack of a proper Internet connection was mind-boggling. Thank God that ended. I have a lot of new stuff, but I’ll take it slowly. For starters, I made a couple of new vectors for sale on Envato’s Graphic River website, and I’ll introduce you to the first one.

Give this baby some love
Meet Baby, the cutest little thing vectorized 🙂 I was having fun with the great new(then) Inkscape 0.47 and decided to put it up for sales.

cutest little baby vector

cutest little baby vector

Give this baby some love. If you appreciate my skills, consider buying it, it’s really not expensive, only around $3, and cheaper if you’re an Envato user.

Thanks for your time, and see you real soon!