Baby Sea Monster – Arghie! Dar he bows!

Posted on April 19, 2010



Baby Sea Monster

Baby Sea Monster

Say hello to Sea Monster/Octopus Arghie, my newest illustration. I still suck at painting, but, I’m getting there, haha! This was speed painted in Photoshop, with no custom brushes, textures and other stuff “kinda artists” like to use. The character is original, there was no reference used. My imagination is omniscient, whatever omniscient means.

The text in the corner is my original children’s song, one verse that I made up on the spot. It’s in baby-talk Serbian, and no, there is no “u pičku materinu” in Serbian children’s poems although that phrase is one of the first phrases children pick up ^^ I’m utterly dissapointed. I’d make a great baby-swear poet.