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Quick Art #01 – April 2011

April 23, 2011


Hi there to all four of my readers ^^ I’ve been busy and I’ve decided to reduce the number of posts to one-two a week. Also, I’ve decided to post several pieces of “quick art” in a joint post, so I don’t over-post and spam my own blog. In some little free time I had […]

The Ace [Digital Painting]

April 12, 2011


About the painting Figher pilots always were the cocky, proud ones, and it would be logical they always will be that kind of people that looks danger in the eye and laughs at it. I was impressed by stories of some WWII fighter pilots I saw on History, and made a dedication The vintage feel(or […]

A flower…I get it now…

April 9, 2011


I’ve made this for a weekly/bi-weekly Sketch Wars challenge by the #theLuminarium group on Deviant Art, in my dedication to join them as an artist someday when my skills grow. I quite like what I made 🙂 Description Silly humans obsess about the smallest and most fragile of things…A simple flower…just now I get it. […]

The Warmachine

April 7, 2011


After, like, a million years, I’m back with something new and exciting. I’ve been battling the challenging art of digital painting and conceptual art, and it is about time to present all of you two people who will read this with one of my newest babies 🙂 I did this for a contest on Deviant […]

Taking things too literally – 01 – Crying over spilled milk

May 2, 2010


This is my little digital watercolor experiment, a fun simple minimalistic illustration, I really had fun painting this ^^ I’m thinking about making and entire series of illustrations like these, because all three languages that I speak have funny phrases when translated literally. And honestly, I like these simplified, almost children’s illustrations, and ArtRage’s digital […]

Wallpaper – Puderu-san, Japanese Warrior Poodle!

April 26, 2010


Free wallpaper time, here on Zhille’s Imaginary Playground! Poodle says hi, from distant land of Japan, where he is being actively insane and living a life of a true warrior, dedicating himself to fighting the swine flu, a little late, but, late is better than never! Go, Japan, go! This is one of my first […]

Baby Sea Monster – Arghie! Dar he bows!

April 19, 2010


The text in the corner is my original children's song, one verse that I made up on the spot. It's in baby-talk Serbian, and no, there is no "u pičku materinu" in Serbian children's poems although that phrase is one of the first phrases children pick up ^^ I'm utterly dissapointed. I'd make a great baby-swear poet.