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The Ace [Digital Painting]

April 12, 2011


About the painting Figher pilots always were the cocky, proud ones, and it would be logical they always will be that kind of people that looks danger in the eye and laughs at it. I was impressed by stories of some WWII fighter pilots I saw on History, and made a dedication The vintage feel(or […]

Illustration Contest!

November 16, 2009


In cooperation with Carlos from a fun project has started! We are proud to present the first Pixelelement Illustration Contest! The contest is about painting/illustating on a basis of a provided sketch by a selected illustrator. I had a privilege to be the person which will provide the first sketch to be painted/illustrated. The […]

Poodle Sketches – Fighting the Swine flu!

November 13, 2009


Our poodle friend, Poodel, proves himself again! This time, he proves that he can fight the swine flu, the Poodle Way! So say hello to Puderu-san(it’s Japanese pronunciation of poodle, the way they’d write it if I’m not wrong) and his trusty katana. Don’t try this at home!

Poodle Sketches – Snow Diversion Poodel

November 12, 2009


Hello, your favorite poodle, Poodel, is back in a new sketch which will hopefully grow into a full-fledged illustration. I draw my sketches in a good quality, as they’re a basis for inking the entire drawing. I will move the signature, heading and Poodel’s thought bubble to another place, to avoid a compositional fail. I’ve […]

Time for sketches!

October 24, 2009


Hello, I wanted to share a little something with those few people that will maybe read this blog a little more regularly. I am in a sketchy mood, and there are a few new sketches I haven’t shown to anyone. These are pencil sketches, and hopefully won’t stay like that for a very long time. […]